Place Cards and Escort Cards 101

Everything you need to know about place cards and escort cards right here!

  • What is the difference between place cards and escort cards?

  • Which card should I use for my event?

  • Do I really need either of them?

  • How do I make a place card/escort card?


What is the Difference Between Place Cards and Escort Cards?

Quick Summary: Escort Cards direct guests to a certain table but not a seat. Place Cards direct guests to a specific table along with a specific seat.

Wedding Place Cards

Place Cards

Place cards are a formal way of telling your guests where to sit. Place cards don't only direct guests to which table to sit at but also which seat is primarily assigned to them. Place cards are best for sit-down dinner events with different menu options, venues and caterers will sometimes require you to have place cards so they know who is getting meat and who is getting the vegan meal. Place cards are most likely at the table either tied to a napkin or standing up on a plate.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are the more informal way of telling your guests where to sit. Escort cards are usually hung or displayed near the entrance of the venue so people can find their names and what table they are assigned to. Once they know the table number/name they are assigned to without a place card at the seats, the guests can pick what chair they sit in and who they sit next to.

Which Card Should I Use for My Event?

Is your event a sit-down dinner or is it a buffet-style dinner?