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Lucky in Love: Client Love Story

Our love story began on a cold New Year’s Eve night in 2018. We had been talking for a little while and decided to finally meet. And what better night than New Year’s Eve? We had planned to meet at a small bar in downtown New Bedford, MA. In Thomas’ words, “it was like there was a spot light only on you.” That was the night when our love story began.

real client review of wedding by creative ambiance events

We got engaged in November of 2019 and started to plan shortly after. We had planned on a NYE wedding in 2020, but then the pandemic hit. So we decided to wait and push our wedding out to 2022. While planning our perfect wedding we bought a house. We lived together and worked through the pandemic and found that we support each other through that stressful uncertain times. You see I am a front line worker and coming home everyday from a highly stressful shift I would come home so upset. Thomas supported and comforted me no I saw that he is the most amazing loving man I have ever met and knew we would be alright.

real client review of wedding by creative ambiance events

Then came 2021 and we were getting very serious about what our vision for our wedding would look like. Thomas wanted a live band and a party for the reception. And I wanted elegance and an event that everyone would talk about for years to come. We had looked into different vendors for decor rentals and Creative Ambiance Events seemed like the perfect fit. Not only had they worked with our venue, Events On Main, and knew the set up very well, but Lisa Marie understood the theme we wanted for our special day. We wanted a grand millennial wedding with a touch of elegance.

After many meetings and a few walk throughs with Lisa Marie, the wedding day came. We were absolutely blown away with the decor. CAE did an absolutely amazing job, and far exceeded our dreams! We did a first look with the reception hall and we were able to talk to Lisa Marie. We couldn’t put into words how beautiful everything came out and so grateful!

real client review of wedding by creative ambiance events


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