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April Client Love Story: Taylor & Sarah

Earlier in the month, we had the absolute pleasure of staging a beautiful proposal for Taylor and Sarah, please read more about the couple's love story and experience with CAE in their own words:

"We always feel funny talking about it, but we actually met online. We talked for a

few days. I (Taylor) remember being hooked instantly. Our conversations flowed easily. And

somewhere along the line I mustered up the courage to ask her (Sarah) on a date. On a

Saturday night in April, we found ourselves sitting at the window bar in Harry’s on the Hill,

sliders in hand. Sarah says “I was so nervous I just asked every question that came to mind”.

We discussed everything from the people walking by, to politics. I (Taylor) remember how easy

conversation came, how much she made me smile, and how stunning she was (and is, to this

day). Sarah remembers “thinking how beautiful Taylor was (is) and just being pleasantly

surprised at how much we had in common”. We spent the night tiptoeing around each other,

visiting a couple of our common interest spots for music and drinks. We had our first kiss that

night, standing in the corner of Dark Lady, and we’ve been practically inseparable since.

From Taylor: I knew I wanted to marry Sarah for a long time. I actually purchased her

engagement ring shortly after our first Christmas together (over a year before the actual

proposal). She’s shown me a new meaning of the word love, as corny as that is to say. She’s

my other half. She makes life better in every way. It’s indescribable.

From Sarah: I probably figured out I wanted to marry Taylor around the same time we started

living together. I don’t remember what, but I remember we were laughing at something and

thinking how happy I was and that this was the person I wanted to marry and spend my life


When it came time to planning, I wanted to go big. I wanted to pull in notes from Gatsby and

Moulin Rouge (our favorite musical), I wanted flowers and lights and the whole shebang. I

wanted this proposal to show Sarah how much she means to me, and to celebrate our love. I

reached out to Lisa and Scott, who I had worked with on a “luxury night in” for Sarah for

Valentines the previous year, and asked if they could point me in the right direction. As soon as

Lisa and I connected, I knew everything would be perfect. She read my mind and predicted my

questions, she gave me great ideas, and she was overall so easy to work with. Going into the

proposal, I had no opportunity to see the setup before Sarah and I arrived, so I had to put a lot

of trust in Lisa and her team. Boy, did they deliver! It was absolutely perfect in every way. She

even communicated with other vendors (and my future Maid of Honor who came to film), so I

didn’t have to explain why I was glued to my phone all day!

The proposal went off without a hitch, and I am so happy to say Sarah is now my beautiful

fiancee. Lisa and her team are amazing and I look forward to working with them again in the

future. Thank you so much for making this day possible!"


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