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What is A Backdrop and Why?

Planning a summer wedding? Team CAE has a full supply of the awesome and very popular traditional trend of floral arches to frame a view! They also carry a line of sheer luminescent fabric backdrops and drapes to cover or isolate from a not so beautiful view. Not only does the arch, arbor, or backdrop bring a different look but they can cover it or accent it in flowers! It really brings the WOW factor to your altar and makes it personal.

Symbolically in different cultures, the arch represents shelter, protection and eternity. What is a better way to exchange your vows but by framing it all in front of such a beauty. It will bring such great symbolic meaning! Culturally, and in many religions too, the arch represents protection, divine presence, and is even a symbol of the home. Why would someone want to follow this awesome trend? WHY NOT! It makes the wedding look beautiful and makes the photos look even better!! It simply frames your entire altar! This trend is definitely one of the favorites. Not only is it creative and looks stunning but it will have your guests in awe. LisaMarie and her team have so much experience with this longtime tradition trend. Check out some of the beautiful work they have designed. You can see more on their arbor, mandap and chuppah rental page link here as well. Happy selecting!

If you do not like the look of being overwhelmed with flowers or your budget cannot handle it- do not worry. Team CAE can put together something simple yet elegant. This back drop that team CAE created is simply breath-taking and employs sheer compliment to the view. It is very simple but, the different decor of simple elegant leaves and greens really makes a difference. At creative ambiance events on instagram there are also more styles of back drops from all different recent weddings!

Make an appointment with LisaMarie and team CAE to bring your vision into reality! To make an appointment go on to our website and click on "schedule a consult". That will direct you to a form to fill out, then you can select an available date and time that works best for your consultation!

Photo Credit Stella Mia Photography:

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