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Amazing Transformations

Omni Hotel, Providence-

Creative Ambiance

A beautiful place for events is the Omni Hotel located in Providence, Rhode Island. The Providence ball room is where LisaMarie and her team set up a corporate event with a theme of winter wonderland. You really need an eye for design when transforming a vacant room space into something beautiful. It is not easy to try to vision an elegant event when looking at a room with not much in it! Many aspects needs to be addressed like, where will tables and chairs go? Where will the Dj go? Where will the dance floor be? How will we decorate the space? Theres even more questions that event planners ask themselves in their head when planning for an event. You walk into this vacant room and see the tan colored walls with with colored carpets and from there you have decide what would make this place look phenomenal. That is what makes this job fun but difficult. You need to start from the bottom and work your way to the top to make something beautiful. The biggest goal is to have the client loss of words when seeing the final project. After long hours of designing and hard work, LisaMarie and her CAE team was able to put together a very elegant and welcoming corporate event that was created from just a room in the building. One aspect that will change the whole setting of an event is lighting. Bringing lights into the space brings happiness, brightening up the room with Christmas lights also brings an elegant look into the room for a winter event. The Omni Hotel has a lot to offer when it comes to spaces for an event. If you're interested in having an event check out the Omni Hotel in Providence for spaces to rent and have us, Creative Ambiance help make the special day come to life!

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