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The Latest Trend in Weddings: Sweetheart Tables

One of the most popular trends in weddings at the moment is having a sweetheart table at the reception. A sweetheart table is a small table where just the newlyweds are seated during the reception. This special table can be mixed in among the rest of the guests` tables or featured in a separate part of the reception space. Being seated together away from guests gives the newlyweds a chance to spend moments of quality time on a day where they will most likely end up separated due to chatting with & dancing with different guests. As a couple the sweetheart table helps put the focus back on you and your spouse and serves as a reminder that it is the love between you that is being celebrated. In order to help put the focus on the couple, many florists and event stylists are creating extraordinary floral arrangements and designing sweetheart tables with one-of-a-kind decor. Some couples are choosing to have ornate, luxurious sweetheart tables with lush floral garlands that spill onto the floor, candles and sequined table linens, while others are choosing to have plush, vintage chairs seated around a rustic wooden table with a scatter of lanterns for a more simple, yet still elegant, look. Having decor and flora that is unique to the sweetheart table is becoming more and more popular in today`s weddings, which is why Creative Ambiance carries a wide selection of table linens and furniture that are available to rent, vase rentals, candle votives, lanterns, custom made signs, and much more to help create a beautiful space for you and your new spouse to enjoy on your special day.

Mr & Mrs Sweetheart Table Design

Pictured above: Blush and gold sweetheart table at a spring wedding at Roger Williams Botanical Center

Want more inspiration for sweetheart table decor? Check out our Pinterest board:

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