Wishing Trees

Wishing trees are a beautiful way to introduce a decor element with a sentimental touch. A wishing tree is a tradition that began years ago in the depression era where guests used to tie dollar bills to a handmade tin foil tree. The bride and groom would use the money to set up housekeeping or have a honeymoon. To this day, have become very popular at weddings. The guests write their wishes or their thoughts on a successful marriage for the couple on a little piece of paper or any decorative tab. The tab is then hung up on the tree to create a thoughtful display. At your wedding, the element of decor could be matched to the color scheme of your wedding. You can add a ribbon, yarn, or even clothespins as a decorative way to hang the wishes on the tree. A wishing tree can be displayed in many different ways. They can be casual, rustic, modern or elaborately grand in style depending on what fits best with your wedding theme. They are inexpensive and you can customize the branches by adding crystals, flowers, or