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[P]inspiration: Is Pinterest Creating Unrealistic Expectations for Weddings?

It is a common occurrence in today`s society- individuals creating Pinterest boards that reflect anything from their dream home thoughts to their fantasy vacation. Arguably, it is the first website that brides-to-be visit when looking for inspiration for decor, flowers, favors, etc. The key word here is inspiration. Unfortunately, some brides may end up disappointed or even angry when the "pin" that they showed to their florist or wedding coordinator does not match up exactly with the real-life, finished product. Let me ask you this: if you were to bring a picture of a hairstyle that you found online to a hair stylist, don`t you realize going in to the appointment that you don`t have the same exact hair color, texture, facial features or skin color as the model featured in the picture? A skilled hairstylist will take that picture as a source of inspiration and try to replicate that same style to the best of their abilities and try to make it work in a way that will be best for your specific hair texture. The same thing goes for florists and wedding coordinators- whatever images that you bring to them should only serve as a source of inspiration for a certain "look" or "theme" that you have in mind for your big day. Another issue that can arise from searching for wedding inspiration online is creating unrealistic expectations for brides who are on a strict budget. Many of the wedding decorations s that are featured online are generally staged for a photo-shoot with a hefty price tag. Falling in love with a celebrity`s nuptials at over a million+ and then deciding that you want your wedding coordinator to recreate that exact look for her wedding on a $10,000 budget is not possible. Sadly, wedding coordinators and florists are not fairy godmothers- at least not the ones that I know- who with a single wave of their magic wand give their clients an exact replica of something seen on Pinterest, in a bridal magazine, or any other wedding blog. Besides, do you really want what is supposed to be YOUR big day to be a copy of a stranger`s wedding? So try and keep these things in mind when planning your wedding: 1. Be realistic when it comes to your budget 2. Keep in mind that the finished product may not look exactly like the picture on Pinterest 3. Remember to have faith in the professionals who are helping to coordinate your wedding; after all, you did choose them for a reason. TALENT & ARTISTRY. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this happy and exciting time in your life :) and leave the details to the experts!

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