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The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2016!

This year, the vibe that many brides and grooms are choosing for their nuptials is organic and welcoming. It is becoming more and more important that wedding guests truly enjoy themselves and feel as if they are being taken care of by their hosts. Home cooked favors such as, miniature apple pies, doughnuts and hot coffee, cozy blankets for chilly, outdoor ceremonies, and flip-flops that will help to prevent tired feet at the end of a long night of dancing are just some examples of the ways that couples are making sure that their guests feel comfortable and happy throughout the entire celebration. The big trend in flowers for 2016 is a more natural, picked from the garden look. Rather than having the traditional buffet at the reception, many couples are opting for more of a family style dinner in which guests sit at long tables and help themselves to the food that is placed right in front of them. Forget about traditional pastels and neutrals, the color schemes for this year are bright and colorful- think orange, pink, yellow, and turquoise. Another popular trend for this year? Lots of sparkle! Combining crystal chandeliers with rustic farm tables is a look that has already been trending at many weddings this year. In the upcoming year, many reception spaces will be sure to feature an eclectic look of modern and vintage pieces. It won`t be uncommon to see a wooden farm table with chairs of all different styles and materials, colorful place settings, and crystal chandeliers hanging above. These trends for 2016 are sure to provide wedding guests with a unique experience that they will never forget! Want some inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest board:

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