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When Searching for a Less Expensive but Beautiful Wedding...

The wedding of this beautiful couple was on a wonderfully sunny day on the lake. The couple decided to keep the decorations simple, yet elegant and within their backyard. Their decorating started with the gently draped chuppah which acted as a frame and a backdrop in their wedding picture. This carried simplicity all across the outdoor ceremony.

In addition to the backdrop, their initials were written in petals along the aisle, creating a clean and romantic feel in the yard. Another inexpensive idea Creative Ambiance Events came up with was giving favors that were shawls to keep the guests warm at sunset. This completely fit into the wedding charm and atmosphere.

An important aspect of this couple’s wedding , is that they left the most important aspect of a wedding most prominent: Their love for each other. This day was not shadowed with impressive and expensive decorations and services, but simply and necessary. The wedding was absolutely stunning.

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