What We Can Do to Help Personalize Your Event!

Everyone needs a little personalization in their event and Creative Ambiance Events is the perfect business to help you achieve all your visions. In this blog, you'll all about what we can do to add that little creativity and personalization to your event so that your dreams and visions become reality!


Seating Charts, Escort Cards, and/or Place Cards

We use all different ideas to create the most appealing seating charts, escort cards, and place cards. Before we get started, if you do not know what the difference is between escort cards and place cards or you just want more information on them, check out our January blog post "Place Cards and Escort Cards 101".

Seating Charts

For seating charts, there are many different options and ideas that we offer, and if you don't see one that matches your vision, let us know! We are willing to work with you to get your vision to come alive. Seating charts include the name and table or seat of each person attending your event. Some examples of what CAE can do:

Escort Cards & Place Cards

Escort cards and place cards can be done in several ways, so many ways that the ideas are endless. Escort cards and place cards can be placed on champagne walls, they can also be placed on tables or hung on walls. CAE can also personalize the way your cards look. Here are some CAE ideas and work:

Custom Signs

Here at Creative Ambiance Events, we take mirrors, wood, and other material to make beautiful, eye-catching, signs. CAE can use our Design Team to design pretty much all signs you have visions for. Whether you saw the sign on a Pinterest board or on your favorite TV show, if you have the idea we can make it come to life. Although, If you do not have an idea for a sign but know you want one that is A-Okay! we will design the perfect sign for your event! Here are some signs done by our team:

Floral Décor

Flowers are a huge part of everyone's event! Whether you're having a wedding or hosting a birthday party, centerpieces and floral decorations are always a go to personalization. Flowers come in many different colors and can pretty much be put together to make the most unique styles and looks. CAE has a team that understands flowers and will help you pick the best flower arrangements for your centerpieces or wedding party flowers. Here are some of CAE's arrangements: