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Finding Flower & Color Availability In A Sea of Choices
Selecting wedding & event flowers in season can save you some real money. Sure, our growers are now able to fly almost anything in from the other side of the world, but you'll definitely pay a bit more for that most of the time. Here is our guide to what flowers are generally in season to help you get started. Feel free to speak with our florist if you have any questions.  We can get in touch with our growers about what is available & other questions at most anytime.

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Hydrangeas On My Brain
Floral Design

Every time I meet with a potential bride or floral client they always ask about Hydrangeas…So I decided to write about them and refer people to this blog for some more intense information.  I personally love hydrangea.  I have one problem though, the mop-heads wilt!!!

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Wedding Style New England Magazine...

Wedding Style New England Magazine…
What a complete and total honor!

The telephone was ringing all day.  It was a hot day in August and just like any other, and I answered.  It was Tracy Trouff, of Wedding Style Magazine.  Truth is, I thought that it was going to be a sales call.  I listened.  After all, advertising in an internationally recognized magazine poses many opportunities, right? 

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Be a Guest at your Own Event

Exceptional Every Time. No Exceptions.

From Intimate to Lavish.., we provide limitless creativity, experience, and amazing resources to make your next event the one everyone will remember. Creative Ambiance Events with an Interior Design, Fine Arts, and Marketing education can take your ideas full circle and throw that party of your dreams! We are exceptional from planning and design, to flawless execution and attention to detail that reflects your tastes and expression. We create a truly memorable occasion!

Love Never Goes Out of Fashion

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue. Whether you're looking for all of these things and more, we'll make sure you find exactly what your looking for on your Wedding Day. Browse through our gallery for inspiration and Contact Us! We want to hear your thoughts and dreams for your Special Day!

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Recommended Vendors: All filmed by Daylightfilms.com
Our Commercial clip from a wedding during Hurricane Irene weekend:

Creative Ambiance from Daylight Films on Vimeo.

DJ Norday Clip:

DJ Norday from Daylight Films on Vimeo.

Arianna Gifts Commercial:

Arianna Gifts :30 TV SPOT from Daylight Films on Vimeo.


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